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I was born in Switzerland in 1972 and had three years of training as a screen printer.

I worked for over 15 years in graphic industry and handled styling and design. After graduating at the art school in Zurich, painting became more and more important in my life.

Since 2003 I have lived in Sweden and have had a number of exhibitions and embellishments, where I have presented my contrast- and colourful art.



Emotions, relationships, life situations are all reflected in my pictures. 

To pick different themes, to tell a story, to provoke, to feel good or bad, to have fun…that´s my inspiration.


2023 Galleri Plume, Viken

2023 Romele Konsthall, Veberöd

2023 Konstrundan, Kvarndala

2022 Gamla Kraftstationen, Deje

2022 Luftkastellet, Malmö

2021 Konsthelg, Lund

2021 Luftkastellet, Malmö

2021 Konst & Mingel, Malmö

2021 Vibrogym, Höllviken

2019 Konst i Advent, Limhamn

2019 Konsthelg, Lund

2019 Galleri Stallet, Falsterbo

2019 Stockholms Konstsalong

2018 Konst i Advent, Limhamn

2018 Kontoret Nybroviken, Stockholm

2018 Valen Gallerian, Trelleborg

2017 Fairplay Art, Malmö

2016 Konst i Advent, Malmö

2016 Gamla Kraftstationen, Deje

2016 Konstsalong, Stockholm

2016 Luftkastellet, Malmö

2015 Konstsalong Stockholm

2015 Scandic Triangeln, Malmö

2014 Luftkastellet, Malmö

2014 Konstsalong Stockholm

2012 Gamla Kraftstation, Deje

2012 Clarion Hotel Plaza, Karlstad

2012 Konstsalong Stockholm

2011 CCC Karlstad 

2011 Gallery Konstgruvan, Karlstad

2011 The Annual Remodernist Painters Exhib.

2011 Gallery Lövdala, Sunne

2010 Gallery Cosmopolitan, Göteborg

2010 Gjuteriet, Karlstad

2009 Museum Kvarnen, Filipstad

2009 Gallery Ason (group exhibition)

2009 Silvénska Villan, Säffle

2009 Sillegården, Västra Ämtervik

2008 Gallery Ason (group exhibition)

2008 Gallery Ason, Karlstad

2008 Café Artist, Karlstad

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